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TLC Mentoring & Development Services gives you the guidance you need to exceed your own expectations. As you strive to be your best, we'll help you navigate your career from the beginning to the end by sharing tools that will enable you to catapult to success.

Tina Cotton, a seasoned Executive leader with over 32 years of experience in Corporate America. As she seeks to inspire others to win through the TLC X-FACTOR you will rise like the star you are!

Take the steps with us and join the experience today.

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What They Say About Our Services

Tina Cotton is most admired for her tenacity to win and awesome work ethic. I have been blessed by the many talents that Tina has shared and her wittiness to push me to greatness. I am most proud of the woman I have become under her tutelage. I met Tina Cotton at USAA. My first experience with her personally was after listening to an awesome speech she gave in our insurance town hall. During this speech she was very specific to mention the importance of having an elevator speech and of course…I would meet her in person one on one t...

Kisha Morris
Kisha MorrisServicing and Deepening Manager

Why you need our services?

Specifically crafted packages to help you succeed in corporate

Our services are specifically tailored to fit your professional journey! There is no one-size-fits-all, which is why we take the time to get to know you and your exact needs, giving you the best realest experience.

We specialize in supporting people in every stage of their career with 7 hand-crafted packages designed to ensure you'll rise like the star you are.

No matter the package you choose, they all aim towards three common goals to elevate your career.

The benefits of our services

Land your dream job: The job hunt is a difficult journey to manage. From finding the right jobs to apply for, to how to write your resumé to maximize the likelihood of a call-back, to how to prep for an interview, it can be difficult to manage. We support you in making sure you have the best chances of landing your dream job.

Grow your career path: Sometimes, you find yourself stagnant in your current role. Or perhaps you are looking for a new challenge: manage more people, take more responsibility, take ownership of more meaningful work. We will help you identify what it is your career needs in order to flourish.

Become a better leader: Leaders are not only found in managerial positions. Everyone can, and should, be a leader. We help you identify the important tenets of leadership and show you how to incorporate it into your work, whether you're in a management position, high-level executive position, or even an entry-level associate.

What is our process?


Initial Business Consultation

Discover your unique needs


Package Selection

Choose one of our 7 packages


Deep Dive Session

Allow me to learn more about you


Develop Goals

Identify your priorities


Sessions Begin

Workshop together to implement change


Continuous Improvement & Development 

Forever grow your career

Allow me to help!

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Navigating your career is difficult, but no one said you have to do it alone. Set up a quick discovery call where we can chat about your unique needs and what I can do to help.

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